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and reach the Highest Levels of BODY REJUVENATION & ADVANCED LONGEVITY

 with Elitom & MaryÂm


Elitom :

The only worldwide publically known Breatharian Master who lives totally food & water free, with 18 years of experience on the Breatharian path

MaryÂm :

Solar Master, living the Science of Integral Rejuvenation through Light & Sound Technology, since 2011.


Cellular & Energetic Rejuvenation through the use of Solar Power.

Accessing higher dimensions of Advanced Longevity.

4 Modules :

Module 1 : Activation

  1. The Law of Energy
  2. How to connect with the Sun safely : The Fusion Technique
  3. Pineal Gland Cleansing & Auric Propelling 
  4. 4 step Light Activation

Module 2 : Applications

  1. Awakening & Awareness
  2. The Law of Creation
  3. The Growth of Powers & Responsibility
  4. The Mastery over Matter : Stepping into the Frequency of Eternity

Module 3 : Levels & Indicators

  1. Focal Expansion
  2. Accessing different Dimensions
  3. Breath Technique to Samadhi experience
  4. Omniscience

Module 4 : Evolution

  1. Focal Technique to reflecting Solar Photons anywhere
  2. Homeostasis : The N°1 Rule to Energy Management with Solar Technology
  3. The Law of the Opposites : Activating the Reversing Effect
  4. Enlightenment through Solar Technology

VALUE : £1000



Cellular & Energetic Rejuvenation through the use of Sexual Energy (no physical sex involved).

Accessing the highest levels of Rejuvenation & Longevity.


1) The Law of Times & Cycles :

  • Where does our Sexual Energy actually begins (not down there...)
  • Knowing the cycles of male seeds and how the atmosphere influences them
  • Understanding your true Biology & Tuning to the power of your inner and outer cycles

2) Unlocking the Root Chakra :

  • The key to not damage your entire system
  • Where and how to exactly set your focus to fully nourish yourself
  • The indicator that shows you if your root Chakra is opened or not
  • Understanding where erections' trouble come from and healing them

"If your root chakra is closed, your third eye will not open" - Elitom

"Your sexual fluid is the first manifestation of spirit" - Elitom

3) Blood cleansing

  • How your blood is your "currency"
  • How this key element within your blood defines the exact frequency of your whole body
  • The exact chemical element you need to absorb to get this body awesome glow that changes your skin and your eyes (natural beauty enhancer)


  • Understanding the power of your menstrual cycles in your life 
  • How to exactly benefit from the 4 phases of your cycle every day and optimize your results in all areas (personal, professional, spiritual) 
  • The huge benefits of living a life of "Menstrual Freedom" 
  • The 2 indicators that show you exactly when your "energetic peak" is coming and how to prepare for great life achievements 
  • How to free yourself forever from the use of "menstruation or ovulation tools" 
  • The 7 rules to master "Menstrual Freedom" the EASY WAY (no cups, no pads, no tampons, no sponge : NOTHING, with Peace) 
  • The 3 keys you must remember to master "Menstrual Freedom" anywhere, with no accidents ! 
  • What you MUST NOT DO to "make it work" (as it will bring you the exact opposite) 
  • Most valuable Tips and Strategies about Quantity and Releasing (from MaryÂm's 3 year+ experience in Menstrual Freedom)


1) Awakening and Awareness

  • Sexual Technology and the sperm production process
  • Overcoming the challenges of wet dreams, masturbation, horny feelings and more
  • The "price to pay" in the beginning stage and the key practice to move faster to advanced stage
  • The rare power you are guaranteed to get when you save your seeds, that benefits everybody around you
  • What happens after 3 months of Sexual Energy Management
  • What happens after 6 months of Sexual Energy Management
  • What happens after 12 months of Sexual Energy Management

2) Dealing with the energy shift in your body

  • The 1st process that occurs right before the huge energy shift in your body
  • What to do and what NOT to do when the burst of energy takes place
  • The main activity to use your energy for that will not drain your sexual energy and will greatly increase your health

"It's all about energy connection" - Elitom

3) The growth of power and responsibility

  • The danger that comes with the energy shift in your body and how to avoid it
  • The rules you must know and apply to keep your body and the planet safe

4) Stepping into the frequency of eternity

  • Advanced Longevity / Physical Immortality : Understanding how your body constantly regenerates itself
  • The great 7 year cycle and how it works within yourself
  • What you must remove within yourself to be in tune with nature
  • Why you need to break off from the old generational patterns and build a new You
  • The best way to change your environment with no external action, when you live a stressful life

"No disease should come up in a human body" - Elitom


  • What is the sexual transaction programming, how it affects your life and how to free yourself from it 
  • Affective Dependancy : How to reset your root system and free yourself from it > MEN SPECIAL & WOMEN SPECIAL 
  • + Experience the powerful guided session and transformational Mantra for a 5 minut complete cravings' reset & energetic re-alignment


1) Changes in the body

  • Measuring the shift in your level of perception :
  • All the phases of the energy rise in your body and the detailed explanation of the huge transformations that each one brings into your life
  • This one element you must keep open to stay alive and have your energy constantly growing

2) The body preparation and requirements to Kundalini experience

  • The full Technique to get the most optimized Kundalini experience
  • The main 3 elements you have to take care of to better master the rise of the Kundalini, activate more energy centers and bring more cosmic energy into your body
  • How the time you were born plays a role in your energy management and how to most benefit from it

3) Omniscience

  • How to transform from a Homo Sapiens to a Homo Genius
  • What truly happens to you when you overuse sexual energy
  • The blessings and powers you get when you master your sexual energy
  • How sexual cultivation leads you to know your Life Mission


1) Balancing Sexual Energy : Generation - Storage - Use

  • How Tantra is actually a lower level than where you are at now
  • How to deal with the Sexual thoughts, transcend them and become stronger
  • How to reach the 6th level of Food Freedom through your Sexual Energy Management
  • How to reach the Advanced Longevity/Immortals' levels through your Sexual energy management

2) The Homeostasis Process

  • What happens in your body and what is the system you should focus on to keep your energetic balance

3) Enlightenment through Sexual Technology

  • Understanding how to gather the male and female energies within yourself into Unity & Peace
  • What truly is Financial Wealth and how your energy management can bring it to you

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