MaryÂm is a holistic entrepreneur. 

She has been working in the field of health since 2011, also collaborating with over 50 scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs and media personalities worldwide.

Through her work, MaryÂm passionately shares the Science of Rejuvenation & Longevity, allowing people to experience in their life and career : Greater health, happiness, self-realization.

MaryÂm always has a great vision for your career, and she knows exactly how to take you there : to the next level of your so called "life mission", helping you bring the best out of your own talents & story, innovating & propelling any of your content or product from the level of "déjà vu" (already seen) to uniqueness and pricelessness, straight from where you are right now, taking you step by step on a blissful & prosperous journey to strategically exuding your highest potential. She is a true example of selfless mastery in her own field, and her counsels really are a blessing on your path. She is a Goddess !

Elitom El-Amin, Author, Qi Gong Master & Teacher of "Holistic Technologies".

So many Talents you have !

Prem Nirmal, Holistic Counselor, Human Trainer, Kriya Yogi, Scientific Mystic and Enlightenment Educationist of international repute.

MaryÂm embodies this new reality: I am the outer world, I am merged with it and everything works by itself now. No more blockage because what I create, whatever the field, is neither good nor bad but perfect. So I can throw myself in every possible direction, try everything ... nothing will succeed or fail, everything will be PERFECTION.

It was Maryâm who proposed to me some time ago to make a video on the luminic diet and since then she boosts me, gives me, feeds me I could say in what is bigger : the game ! She proposes me to play continually and thus affirm my new world. This young woman offers me her light and her joie de vivre, in a natural and generous way.


It is interesting that you are helping me to organize my professional communication: I have always been inefficient in the commercial field or in sales, I did not like money: we know now the spiritual process which 'In general, we are uncomfortable with this energy, and here with you, I find myself in a sales force, a bit American, very framed and uninhibited, and I am like a fish in the' Water!

Thank you, beautiful entity Maryâm: during the process of ascension, the "others" showed me what had to be corrected in my quantum programs and thus neuronal and you, you show me that this work is finished, that I am definitely "reprogrammed "That everything is easy, everything flows from Source.


You always validate what is beautiful and great in others and professionally, what a booster !! Everything is simple, you know how to structure Working Matrices in which we can just melt and play. You are an illuminator of limitless potential!


In short ... beautiful gratitude Maryâm!


Mesnet Josephau Charrier, Quantum Therapist

You are like a Flower !

SunYogi Uma Sankar, Scientist, Teacher of Acupressure & SunYoga.

I am pleased to read the content, clarity and also impressed with your perfection.

Doctor Sudhir V. Shah, Director of Neurosciences at Sterling Hospital (India), specialized in researches on prolonged fasting.

Such a joy to have crossed your path Maryam ; You have been a true sun ray. Since I have known you, you have always been amazingly genius, which make our work together very rewarding. You are so beautiful and so full of joy, a real goddess... to which I attempted to ressemble by following your advices : I wash my hair using water only ! :D Thanks to you I could publish my book, my website was born and most of all, you gave me the honor to be featured in your film documentary. Thank you for everything MARYAM… My dear mentor... You are Gold.

Shanahan Guggenheim, Yoga teacher, Therapist and Author. 

...all I can say is that, since I have listen to your several videos, things are accelerating in my life on the material level : 

I am meeting the right people and my professional life, which was on the "dead gear", is starting to create links and I am starting to be part of a community in my region, eventually :-)

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